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Books by Jennifer Parker

  • Messy Blessings: A Story of Hope

    There was absolutely no possibility that God would allow Andy and Jennifer Parker’s fifth child to be anything other than normal. They already had filled their quota on children with special needs. Their home was organized chaos—with the emphasis on the latter word. Plus, Jennifer had prayed for this child in her womb to glorify God.

    In Messy Blessings, Jennifer shares her journal entries that chronicle Hope Naomi Parker’s struggle to survive and her fight to live life. This fight includes an assault, a strangulation, a stroke that took every form of communication and a near drowning of sorts. Through this excruciating journey, Hope glorifies God through her weakness and suffering. From the very beginning, she shows everyone around her that she has true joy despite her circumstances and her pain.

    Hope challenges everyone to glorify God no matter how ugly the situation looks or how many issues they face. Glorifying God has less to do with perfection and more to do with allowing Him to work through the muck and the messy blessings of life.


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Jennifer is the founder of Autism Advocates of Indiana and The Alex and Ali Foundation. She also serves on the Hypoplastic Left Heart Committee at Riley Hospital for Children. Jennifer Parker is a stay-at-home mom (who is rarely home) to five children, three of whom have significant special needs. She and her husband Andy live in Greenwood, Indiana. When she is home, she is often refereeing fights between Boaz the Doberman service dog and Coco the cat. The cat normally wins.