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Books by Jennifer Florax

  • The Hunt: The Job of Finding Employment

    The Hunt for a job is a long journey. Employers don’t hand out jobs like candy. You need to be prepared to pound the pavement, figuratively and literally.

    The Hunt breaks down the search for a job as an employee and provides an overview from the employer’s perspective, providing straight-to-the-point tips to assist in the effort to find a job. There’s no fluff, no quick ways to stand out. Cut the fluff, and do the work required to find the job you want. Knowing what an employer is looking for will help you tailor your résumé to a potential employer’s needs. Advice for both perspectives is the same: set a goal, identify what you need, be selective, and put in the work. There is no shortcut to this process.

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Jennifer Florax has a bachelor's degree in management, completed later in life while married with two children and working a full-time job. Jennifer's writing is based on life experience and her desire to share the lessons she has learned to save others a little pain and shave some time off the learning curve. Previous work includes Survival Guide for the Working World: What School Doesn't Teach You.