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Books by Jennifer E. Hassel

  • Badass Grief: Changing Gears, Moving Forward

    Badass Grief is for those who want to translate grief into action or live a bigger, braver life by reaching beyond self-imposed limitations.


    When she looked for ways to remember her dead husband, Jennifer found suggestions to buy something, a one-and-done task. Longing to keep Mark’s memory alive, she chose a different method-practicing his fearless approach to life. First, she gets a motorcycle license. In the following years, she wears a bikini in a Las Vegas fitness contest, attends trapeze school, tries heli-skiing, and becomes a registered nurse.

    Eventually, Jennifer realizes she has the strength to live on her own terms-alone. Then, a former boyfriend gets in touch, and Jennifer faces the scariest challenge of all. Can she find lasting love again?

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Jennifer E. Hassel was a lawyer who became a registered nurse after living through her husband's terminal illness, their mutual suffering, and her own grief. Writing from firsthand experience, she has been published in The Philadelphia Lawyer, Joyful Life Magazine, The Sun, and her hometown newspaper, Lancaster LNP. She won her nursing school graduating class's Portfolio Award for her series of essays relating to the profession and practice of nursing. Badass Grief is her first book.

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