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Books by James F. Ross YNC, USN (Ret.)

  • What I’ve Learned From: Passing on Experiences from a Life Well-Lived

    What I’ve Learned From . . . is a memoir filled with funny, sad, and uplifting stories as well as life lessons from twenty different experiences. From What I’ve Learned from…Being One of Six Kids, through being a Little League Baseball coach, Being from West Virginia to, finally, Why I Wrote This Book, you are given rare insight into what it’s like to be “one of the good guys.” These are the good people we all hope we and our children meet who share not only their experiences, but also their values in a loving, mentoring way.


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James Ross is a first-time author who, after many years, decided it was time to write his memoir. He has had a multitude of experiences beginning with his youth in the coalfields of West Virginia, service in the Navy, family experiences and finally, retirement.