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Books by Jack Lucci

  • Loving & Leaving

    Loving & Leaving is the first installment of Jack Lucci’s living memoir, beginning in Lucci’s early twenties and ending five years later. Touching on themes of gratefulness and regret, Lucci tells stories of addiction and his efforts to sustain the love he has found for people and places. He spins his tale with brutal honesty, playing both hero and anti-hero. Though he longs for stability, Lucci only manages to create the inconsistency that plagues many addicts.

    Whether you find yourself rooting for or against him, you are guaranteed to be invested in the mystery of where his life is headed next-the very mystery that is most integral to a life in motion.


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Jack Lucci is an American writer who knows the depths and the heights of liberation. Jack has lived in sprawling cities and the Italian countryside, taking his introspection with him wherever he goes. Jack Lucci writes on Jacklucci. com for The Separation Naturalist. Loving & Leaving is his first book.