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Books by J. A. Collie

  • Grays of Novart

    On the technologically advanced planet Novart, Warrior cadet Trinity Knight suddenly loses her invincibility. The indestructible dakkie cladding her gray skin is rendered useless, and the supercomputer implanted in her head becomes dysfunctional. At the same time, things go awry for the prized Esra10 mission, and she has forty-eight hours to save it.

    Separated from Central Command and forced to go dark, Trinity plunges into high-stakes battles with androids, drones, and hackers controlled by rich and powerful enemies fixated on her termination and stopping Esra10. Reconnecting with her base increases the danger, as some commanders are spies selling information to the highest bidder, and her capture is worth a fortune.

    Her ultimate survival hinges on leaving Novart. Help comes from allies and incredible new abilities, giving Trinity and her broken supercomputer a fighting chance.

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J. A. Collie is an emerging author in the science fiction and romantic suspense genres. She has authored Staking the Claim and The Corporation: Call Me Anytime. Collie writes stories that reflect her successful information technology career and love of suspense. Grays of Novart is her debut science fiction novel and the first book of the series. She lives and works in The Bahamas.