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Books by Hillery R. Schanck

  • The Soul Feels Its Worth: An Advent Devotional Through the Music and Scriptures of Handel’s Messiah

    For centuries, Handel’s Messiah has endured by evoking intense spiritual feeling in its listeners. The Soul Feels Its Worth is a twenty-five-day devotional guide to Handel’s masterful animation of Scripture, and an instrument for reigniting our yearning for Christ, the Messiah. In this devotional, we participate in the story of Christ through the power of prayer, music, and Scripture. We start in ancient Israel, a land in despair longing for its prophesied Messiah, before journeying to first-century Palestine, where the Messiah is born. Through Jesus’s life, his execution, and his resurrection, we take the perspective of onlookers, seeking clarity and truth. We witness the growth of the early church, the final battle over death, the Day of Judgment, and finally Jesus’s glorification. Unfolding the entirety of Handel’s Messiah over twenty-five days, The Soul Feels Its Worth immerses us in the life and legacy of the Messiah, tapping into our emotions to reveal the truth of God. The book will include a full recording by Symphonicity, under the direction of Daniel W. Boothe.


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Hillery Schanck is a financial advisor, a husband, a father, a lacrosse coach, and a 7 on the enneagram. But behind all of that, he is simply a follower of Jesus. As a Christian leader and teacher, Hillery became inspired to research and explore the various ways that Advent has been practiced over the centuries. Among the ancient practices, he discovered a fascinating new pathway to God . . . using the music and Scripture from Handel's Messiah as a daily devotion. He wrote this devotional to enable others to easily participate in this unique experience. He is married to Karen and together they have two children.