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Books by Hillary Sigrist

  • Leaving War, Finding Love: A Veteran’s Transition

    Throughout generations, soldiers have gone to war and returned home changed men. Within the journey from man to warrior, an identity, brotherhood, and purpose is formed. As these veterans transition out of service, they are asked to shed that past and chart unknown territory. What happens when war returns home for the final time? How do marriages survive the new battlefield? How can wives offer understanding and support?


    Leaving War, Finding Love illustrates the season of marriage post-military and the common difficulties associated with the civilian transition. It signifies the difference between PTSD and what the author has identified as Military Separation Anxiety, and how the latter affects marriages. Its unique message speaks directly to the wife who transitions alongside her service member, addressing both her supportive role as well as their new civilian relationship. With 48% of all post-9/11 veterans stating they have experienced strains in family relations after leaving the military, Leaving War, Finding Love is both timely and imperative to help every American Hero and their family transition successfully.


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Hillary Sigrist is an award-winning author, former military wife, mother of three, and child of God. Married to a special operations solider throughout the course of this decade's Middle Eastern conflicts, she developed a passion for helping her fellow patriot wives, both former and present. Her first book Warrior Wife: Overcoming the Unique Struggles of a Military Marriage, was published in 2015, and has won multiple awards and received numerous 5 star reviews. After her husband separated from active duty, they moved to raise their family under the western skies of the Sierra Mountains.

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