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Books by Helene Ann Zupanc

  • Sticky Note Mantras: The Art and Science of Choosing Your Thoughts

    Why is changing the way we think so hard? Sticky Note Mantras taps into the extraordinary power of the mind by using a simple yet effective strategy: MANTRAS! Let us guide you through this transformational process of awareness and lasting change. With a dash of bravery and a bit of stick-to-itiveness, we promise that change can and will happen. Through mindfulness, creativity, and a smidge of science, we’ll teach you how to brainstorm badass mantras of your own and weave them into your life so they stick. And as Thomas Edison said, “Sticking to it is the genius!”

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Helene Zupanc and Beth Valdez met in graduate school at Northern Arizona University and became fast friends (both loving dogs, humor, counseling, and mantras!). They are both licensed professional counselors and have experience working in various mental health, educational, and therapeutic settings with diverse populations of clients. Helene earned her bachelor’s degree in special education and her master of education in counseling from Northern Arizona University. She loves reading all types of books, humor, country music, yoga, sewing, and theater. She loves spending time outdoors with her husband, son, and rescue dogs.

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