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Books by Hani Spiro Fakhouri

  • 14 Must-Have Skills for Managing Your Stress: Don’t Live Your Life Without Them

    Living in today’s world can be extremely stressful. The need to be constantly connected, to do too much at the same time, living up to other people’s expectations and to society’s norms, competing hard in the workplace, etc., can quickly add up and culminate in stress. Stress can energize, but stress can also kill. Left uncontrolled and unmanaged, it can have disastrous effects on the body and mind. But controlling and managing stress need not be a difficult task. 


    14 Must-Have Skills for Managing Your Stress: Don’t Live Your Life Without Them will introduce you to fourteen skills to help you better manage stress at its source. The beauty of this book lies in the simplicity of its approach. It does not discuss any new or fancy concepts or theories about stress management but rather focuses on time-tested and common-sense notions that you can easily put into practice.


    Living a life with minimal stress is entirely up to you and perfectly within your reach. This book will show you the way!

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Hani Spiro Fakhouri graduated from Lebanese American University and the American University of Beirut. Living in a war-torn country and working for twenty-eight years in accountancy and financial analysis exposed him to large doses of stress. Realizing early on the detrimental impact of stress on his mental and physical health, he decided to seek the necessary knowledge and tools that would help him manage and control stress at its source.