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Books by H. B. Barker

  • Two-gether

    Two girls, two totally different dads, and two problems, but Two-gether maybe one solution.

    Janae has always loved living out in the country. She’s learned about the woods, and that playing alone is okay; she’s learned to accept that her mom works two jobs, and she’s learned that animals are great friends and listeners. While she will never, ever learn to like being court-ordered to spend time with her mean dad, she also learned early on that saying anything about it doesn’t help.

    Until Yvonne arrives. Dumped off hundreds of miles away from her loving dad at the house of an aunt she’s never met and never wanted to, Yvonne’s a city girl with fancy jeans, sparkly earrings and hair pulled back so tight Janae doesn’t know if she can even smile. But soon the girls find common ground: Yvonne wants to get back to her dad, and getting her there will get Janae far away from hers. But is proving a point worth losing the only home Janae loves?

    With the help of a motherly cow, a lovelorn goat, a chatty mynah bird and her long-suffering cockatoo friend, the two girls undertake a journey that proves friendships come in many shapes, sizes and locations–and that “two-gether” they are stronger than they ever were alone.


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Holly B Barker was born in the small country town of East Eden, NY, number ten in a family of twelve. A graduate of creative writing courses, the love of animals, grandchildren, and a quote from the courts, "Laws are not for children," all weaved her in a direction to her debut novel, Two-Gether. With her husband of thirty-four years and their cat Oscar, she lives near the small town of Titusville, Pa.