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Books by Glenda Pettey

  • Heaven Is Real

    “What do you mean that my name is not in the book? I have done everything necessary to be allowed into Heaven. Look again!” Ron Pettey commanded the gentleman behind the check-in table in the foyer of Heaven.

    From a brain surgery gone wrong, Ron experienced an amazing tour in the heavenly realm, meeting angelic beings, and even coming face-to-face with Jesus, Himself. To Ron’s chagrin, an angel explained, “It is not yet your time; your mission is not complete. You are being sent back, and I am going with you.” With a mission to win others to Christ and strengthen other Christians, Ron has shared his story with thousands.The Petteys published their autobiography in 1998. With Ron’s second and final trip to heaven earlier this year, Glenda now shares the rest of the story of how the supernatural became natural with Ron’s extraordinary gift of healing.

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Glenda Pettey is the co-author with her late husband of their autobiography, Heaven is Real One Man’s Journey to Heaven and Back (1998). From Ron’s brush with death during brain surgery in 1982 and throughout the eighteen years of the book’s circulation, the couple has encouraged thousands through print, television, radio and speaking to audiences across America and Canada. Now, Glenda releases the sequel, Heaven is Real The Rest of the Story, which compiles Part 1 from 1998 and Part 2 from 2016. Glenda has degrees in English and counseling with a teaching background. She has published articles in several magazines in print and online. Their story is featured in Modern Day Miracles, Chapter 21, by Amazon bestselling author, Allison Restagno. Glenda, along with her husband Ron, were guests on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!, “100 Huntley Street” in Canada, and Houston Celebration, Daystar, along with local TV and radio. The 700 Club filmed the reenactment of the miraculous return of Ron’s memory in 1994. In addition to church and ministry events, Glenda and Ron most enjoyed sharing their story on a state university campus which included lively Q and A sessions. Glenda speaks to women’s groups, conferences and churches, articulating the good news of the gospel with many insights from their life-story. Prepare to stretch as you embrace “with God, nothing is impossible.” Heaven is Real The Rest of the Story could read as fiction if not for the many who knew Ron personally and contribute their own narratives. You will want to read, reread and share The Rest of the Story with its timeless message of Heaven and spiritual truths.

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