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Books by Gerald J Nebeker

  • Stop the Hiring Gamble: Learn the Simple Method to Hire Right the First Time

    You can continue to hire the same way you have always done, but you will continue to get the same results. Innate ability hiring adds a third factor to your hiring protocol that significantly increases the odds of you hiring the right person for the job. It’s not just a matter of education and experience that qualifies someone for a job or how well their interview went. Those are important, but equally essential is determining a candidate’s innate ability. This book teaches you how to identify the six innate abilities in applicants and how to establish your expectations for various job positions better so you can hire right the first time.

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Gerald J Nebeker, PhD, DBH has thirty years of CEO experience with a multistate organization employing thousands of people. He has two doctoral degrees, one in management of nonprofit organizations and the other in behavioral health. He taught college courses in entrepreneurial management and leader and team dynamics for over seventeen years.