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Books by Gail Buckley

  • Impossible Dream

    “If someone does not come along and provide us the opportunity, . . . we will never know what we are missing or capable of. And neither will they.”-Anna

    Anna’s quest to understand how the brain operates might have started out as an escape from the confines of her autistic existence, but when her housemate Daniel is in grave danger of losing all that he holds dear, she vows to do everything in her power to see to it that his remarkable artistic talent survives the amputation of his gangrenous hand. Anna doggedly pursues every lead and, in doing so, discovers that the very thing that might solve Daniel’s problem could reshape and substantially improve the health care of all those with disabilities.

    Through her singular focus on helping another, Anna sheds a light not only on the compassion and selflessness of those with autism but also on their insight and nonverbal intelligence. But will her voice make a difference?

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Gail Buckley has a BS from Cornell University and has been working in the information-publishing and marketing business for almost thirty years as a private-label content provider. She has also written several books, presentations, and reports documenting her experience raising and teaching her autistic daughter, Meaghan. Her first book, Funny Wiring, talks about coming to grips with the diagnosis of autism. The Meaghan Report is a penetrating look inside the autistic mind, and The Story of Autism traces the developmental progression of the syndrome from the first neurological glitch onward.