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Books by Fred Tribuzzo

  • American Sky

    American Sky is the story of a young man going to work for a father and son, learning the skills for starting a Lycoming or Continental engine on a hot summer day, as well as the daily humor, courage, and vision to pursue dreams.

    Whether attending a training session with a fellow pilot whose relative snapped the famous photograph of the Wright Brothers first flight, or listening to a grouchy cab driver’s pithy remarks before a long flight home, the author encounters people and random experiences as if they’re signposts of life. He learns that a teacher can often be a place, a stranger, a storm, the sky itself.

    The world comes awake, and on the eve of starting flight lessons, a World War Two veteran will insist the author give up sailplanes and experience powered flight, the joy of driving straight up into the clouds.

    In American Sky, events and people shift in time and experiences blossom unexpectedly. Yet the influence of a mentor remains a visible, poignant anchor.

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Fred Tribuzzo has been published in Flying magazine. He is a literary agent and is involved with shaping and launching writing careers. Fred has flown aircraft from the J3 Cub to the fastest corporate jet ever made—the Citation Ten. He also flew internationally for eight years on a corporate Boeing Business Jet (a corporate 737) for the Columbus-based Netjets company. On two separate tours of duty Fred played electric bass for the Numbers Band from northeastern Ohio, performing on four of the band’s CDs. Tribuzzo received a fellowship in 1987 from the Ohio Arts Council for piano, oboe and string compositions.