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Books by Felix Dominicci

  • Felito: A Balanced Life

    Felito: A Balanced Life is the story of an orphan boy born on a coffee plantation in Puerto Rico. Exposed to four different father figures who all taught him something of value, he never felt prepared to accept their teachings. After joining the Navy and in search of a more stable life, he returned to his home town in Puerto Rico to look for a bride. He met again his first grade dream girl and five days later married her, transforming his emotional life into a journey of love and responsibility. Felito: A Balanced Life follows his journey of redemption and how his life experiences helped shaped his 30 year naval career and 14 year Civil service career working with the Navy, his 60 year marriage and his wife’s long battle with Alzheimer’s disease and how these experiences shaped the lives of their children and grandchildren.

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Felix Blanco Dominicci was born on a coffee plantation in Puerto Rico. Orphaned as a young boy, he later moved to New York City, where he attended high school and later enlisted in the U.S. Navy, proudly serving for 30 years, and rising to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 4. Married as a young sailor to his first grade sweetheart, He and his wife, Raquel, together raised four children by balancing his 30 year naval career with their own desires of family, faith and love.