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Books by Eva Kras

  • Future for Youth Employment: New Changes in Approaches to Business

    WITH ALL THE NOISE GENERATED by today’s money-driven culture, it’s easy to forget that our future is not built by a desperate race for riches or short-term prosperity but rather by today’s youths. The sustainability of that future depends on which path they take to get there and the values instilled in them along the way. Future For Youth Employment provides the theoretical background necessary to sustain a positive environment for the future of youth employment by forming solid local community foundations and exploring the possibilities that lie outside of the large business sector. These essays represent the best hopes of researchers from three continents to create an environment that bases value on personal merits rather than monetary riches, so that people may life decently, exchanging desperation and dissatisfaction for fulfillment.


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Born of Danish immigrants and raised on a farm in Canada, Eva Kras learned the value of confidence gained from hard work at an early age. After attending university to become a teacher and teaching for two years, Eva returned to university to earn her MBA. She rose through the ranks of Hudson’s Bay Company to become their first female senior executive before moving to Latin America, where she learned the language and taught English at the British Institute while providing private classes to business executives in Mexico. These experiences led to years of travel and teaching at universities in different countries. Eva gained a deeper understanding of the cultural differences between Latin America and the USA, inspiring her to write several books before she eventually returned to Canada, where she has been writing ever since.