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Books by E. L. Smith

  • The Second Coming

    Has society turned its back on God? Are we drifting further away from the truth?

    In The Second Coming, private investigator Shawn Abernathy struggles with his beliefs in God, good, and evil, and with revelations he cannot escape. After facing a surprise visitor from heaven, his life changes dramatically. Soon he finds himself hiding from the Antichrist as he comes to terms with his ultimate purpose: aiding in the salvation of all humanity.

    Derived from the book of Revelation, The Second Coming follows the travails of individuals across the globe as they face what lies within their own hearts and souls at the end of the world.

    We all have only two choices before life after death. What side will you choose?

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E. L. Smith was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana. After attending college at Indiana University, Bloomington, Smith drove to Los Angeles in hopes of igniting a career in music. Ultimately, he befriended and worked with a multiplatinum music producer and many other talented musicians, but the secular music industry hype was not all that it was cracked up to be. So Smith tried his hand at writing, which has given him true satisfaction. He is currently married with four children.