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Books by Dr. Stephen R. Pickard

  • Forgiven

    It was a Friday…..just like any other Friday. Longinus, the Roman Centurion in charge of executing the procedures for all crucifixions had just completed his duties of crucifying two thieves. It had been a busy week and Longinus was looking forward to some rest and spending time with friends. Looking back on the week, Longinus told a fellow soldier…..”it’s a good thing there are no more planed executions today, as we are out of wood to make the crosses.”  Longinus then began his last duty of the morning by making a quick visit to the dungeons to check with his commanding officer before leaving for the day….little did he know that his life was about to change forever and the immortal words…..”Longinus, for all that you are about to do, I forgive you” would live in infamy.  Forgiven tells of the encounter between Jesus’ last hours and the man who would nail him to the cross…..an encounter that would not only change a man’s life, but the course of history.

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Dr. Pickard currently serves as an adjunct professor at Gardner-Webb University in the School of Education. He has served over thirty years in service to the public schools of North Carolina as a teacher’s assistant, classroom teacher and administrator. In addition, he has served as a trainer for the North Carolina Teacher Academy, a North Carolina Consultant in the areas of curriculum and leadership, and a National Board Examiner for the National Council Accreditation for Teacher Education now referred to as CAEP or the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation. His first professional publication was in Education Vol. 30, No.2 Winter 2009.

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