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Books by Donna Bearden

  • Finding More Me: Journaling to Go Soul Deep

    In my desire to belong, I often felt I was wearing a mask and playing a role in someone else’s story. Journaling was my way into the deepest part of me, and my way out into the world . . .

    Delving beneath masks and the roles we play is what journaling is all about. Getting to what we believe underneath what we think we believe. Dredging up and understanding emotions that are difficult to explain. Discovering unconscious assumptions that dictate our lives. And simply playing with ideas and concepts in creative ways on the way to figuring out who we are when we dive in, soul deep. In Finding More Me, through a combination of work and play, thinking and feeling, head and heart, journaling will take you on a worthwhile journey.

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Donna Bearden has worked as a writer/editor in human service organizations related to education, health, psychology, and aging. With a bachelor's degree in journalism and a doctorate in psychology, her interest has always been in the stories underneath the stories: what motivates us, how do we learn, what unconscious assumptions keep us stuck. She has journaled since high school, experimenting with many different approaches, learning something new from each one. Previous publications include The Texas Sampler; The Turtle's Sourcebook; 1,2,3, My Computer and Me; A Bit of Logo Magic; Mandala Messages: Do Not Fear Your Potential; numerous articles and papers, and a few award-winning photographs. She lives in Loveland, Colorado, with her husband, and enjoys hiking, photography, and creating mandala art.