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Books by Dewayne Hart

  • The Cybersecurity Mindset: A Virtual and Transformational Thinking Mode

    Securing an organization’s assets and understanding the cybersecurity blueprint goes beyond the technical scope. Hackers are sharing information and gaining an informational advantage. It’s time to modernize our defensive tactics and deploy a “Cybersecurity Mindset.”

    The Cybersecurity Mindset: A Virtual and Transformational Thinking Mode is a first-ever coverage of the mental engagement and proactive strategies required to secure business assets and technologies; and can further serve as a resource guide or playbook. The Cybersecurity Mindset provides a layered approach to thinking holistically about cybersecurity and engineering protection standards for data, applications, information, and cloud services. The information discussed in The Cybersecurity Mindset is transferrable for technology and non-technology professionals involved with the security industry, and it provides application-based knowledge to further certification or academic requirements.

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Dewayne Hart is the business owner of a cybersecurity consulting firm called Secure Managed Instructional Systems (SEMAIS) and serves as a cybersecurity enthusiast and technology leader. Before embarking upon his career in the commercial IT world, Mr. Hart served twenty years in the United States Navy, during which he led numerous information security efforts.After retiring from the US Navy, he worked as a cybersecurity consultant and served as a security compliance leader of information, network, and cybersecurity for the US government and the private sector. His knowledge and skillsets later transitioned into business ownership. Dewayne also hosts a podcast called The Chief of Cybersecurity, which he dedicates to workforce development, security best practices, and relevant topics that affect cybersecurity ecosystems. As part of his professional education, he has earned a Masters of Science in Information Assurance from the University of Maryland; and numerous industry-recognized certifications such as the CISSP, CAP, CEH, CNDA, ITIL, Net+, and Sec+.