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Books by Dean Johnson

  • Living Beyond 90: How God Led 50 Friends of Mine to Pave a Path for Me Beyond the 90s

    Living Beyond 90 is a collection of stories about how fifty family members and friends were guided to pave for me a path beyond my nineties. During my ninety years I believe I’ve done my best to care for others along the way, but some cared for me more. These stories, which span over 100 years, will explain why I call my friends and relatives divinely inspired and how many of them played a role in changing my life for the better and forever. Some improved my life just by sharing theirs with me. More than 130 high-quality photographs from my private collection, some from famed USTTA photographer Mal Anderson, support the stories. My hope is to spread the message of faith that I was taught from childhood by my paternal grandmother, Anna Marie Warloe, and my mother, Helen Donohue.

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  • A Table for Two: How the sport of Table Tennis provides physical fitness and can add years to your life

    Raconteur Dean Johnson weaves a series of interconnected events that helped him achieve success in life, love, and business. Sometimes coincidental, more often serendipitous and divinely inspired, Johnson’s stories include over 250 photos. The common thread is table tennis, the sport which he has pursued for over 60 years as a player, organizer and most recently as a promoter of the health benefits of the sport, especially for seniors. Peppered with historical anecdotes, A Table For Two shares the passion that Johnson has for life and table tennis, his friendship with legendary players, and his 2015 induction into the United States Table Tennis Hall of Fame.


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Dean Johnson's career in advertising began as an intern at an ad agency upon graduation from high school in 1950. He worked at the agency while attending art school at night where he studied design. During six years of evening school on the GI Bill he focused on Business and Marketing. During his 60+year business career, 40 years were spent operating his own successful ad agency.