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Books by David Starbuck Smith

  • Ageless Painless Tennis: Free Yourself from Pain, Injuries, and Limitations & Unlock Your Athletic Potential

    “Despite our perfect and ingenious human design, everyone—regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sport or athletic skill–develops muscular and postural imbalances over time . . . And they’re all fixable.”

    It’s time to lose your outmoded concepts about getting older. In fact, it’s time to lose your out-of-date beliefs about the origins of muscle and joint injuries and afflictions altogether. Whether your goal is to finally cure your nagging pain and injuries and prevent them in the future, learn how to stay balanced and strong, break through to another level in your sport at any age, fix the flaws in your tennis game, or simply enjoy your body and your sport for life, Ageless, Painless, Tennis will provide the road map you’re seeking.


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David S. Smith is an expert in anatomy and body mechanics and has been helping people cure their chronic muscle and joint pain for over 20 years. He started one of the first Egoscue Method™ franchised clinics in the United States in 2004 and regularly consults with top college and professional athletes in all sports including the NFL, WTA and the ATP. David was also a highly nationally ranked junior tennis player earning him an athletic scholarship on the UC Berkeley tennis team. He continues to compete in USTA league and national tournaments in his age group and has become an established speaker for conventions, sports teams and successful companies around the country.