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Books by David Goldenkranz

  • White Male Privilege: How This Happened and Why It’s Even Worse than We Thought

    White men make up less than a third of the US population, yet we still seem to dominate most of American society. White Male Privilege: How This Happened and Why It’s Even Worse Than We Thought offers an unflinching look at the influence of racism and sexism on everything from American politics, criminal justice, health care, and finance to popular dog breeds and even our own front lawns.


    Addressing entitlement, collective narcissism, deep-rooted racial insecurities, and repressed trauma, White Male Privilege challenges all White American men to confront ourselves, our history, and to begin the necessary and tough conversations about our complicity in upholding the status quo.

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David Goldenkranz is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) activist, facilitator, and consultant dedicated to dismantling white supremacy. He has spent years researching and reflecting on internalized white superiority and toxic masculinity, and his past career as an educator reaffirmed his commitment to social justice. David now works at a non-profit, leads workshops and racial affinity groups within organizations, and is often a guest speaker on podcasts and panels. When he's not working or writing, David is gardening or dancing with his wife and daughter. Visit him at davidgoldenkranz.com.

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