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Books by David Carrier

  • A Seven Year Lifetime

    Nancy was still breathing, but he couldn’t wake her up. For the first time since David first heard she had cancer, he thought she might really die. This is the wake up call of life; when you realize that it could end at any time. The next step is the most important. Will you live life in fear of death, or will you live life in appreciation for all you are given? This was the choice that Nancy and David had to make, in A Seven Year Lifetime. It answers the questions; how did they do it, and was it worth it.

    This true story reveals how love can flourish, even against fatal odds. They knew Nancy had cancer and had only a few years to live. But they took the risk, anyway and fell in love, clinging to the belief they could enjoy what others have: the blessing of a full life. And for seven years, they did.


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A lover of life and experiences, David Carrier has traveled extensively around the U.S., studying faiths from Christianity to Zen Buddhism, trying each one on for the perfect fit. He became a practitioner of Religious Science, completed Practitioner Studies in The Journey, Thought Field Therapy, and is an ordained minister in The Beloved Community. This thirst for understanding is what led him to Nancy, who would give him his greatest lessons on the meanings of living and dying. After being raised in New England, Carrier took advice from a high school teacher telling him, “If you never go anywhere else, you’ll never know if this is where you most want to live.” David lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas, and is currently working on his second book, Life After Death: a cancer survivor’s story.