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Books by David Brown Jr.

  • Letters for Lucia: 8 Principles for Navigating Adversity

    Soon after that terrible day, a series of experiences and two distinct stories began to unfold that have changed my life as profoundly as my baby daughter’s disappearance. Beginning small and swelling to larger and larger waves, I began to experience a personal, spiritual awakening. It registered so prominently that even amidst the chaos and mental challenges, I experienced an inner core of peace, and I began to flow real compassion toward my wife, regardless of the outcome of the situation.

    Only days after they left I began to feel an urgency to write to Lucia, whom I desperately missed. There was no way to know when or how we would be reunited nor was an actual address known. Although Lucia was not old enough to read, writing the letters to her became an outlet for constant thoughts of her and a channel for my emotions. The profound shift in understanding that I have been experiencing has inspired me to identify a set of principles for leading a purposeful life and share them through daily letters to my daughter. This book, Letters for Lucia, brings together many of the letters, discovery of these principles, and aspects of my spiritual journey.


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David Brown, Jr. is a former senior leader in financial and professional services who earned a B.S. in finance from the University of Delaware and an Executive MBA from Villanova University. He has also completed post-graduate coursework in organizational leadership and organizational dynamics. While continuing his career leading in financial services, David now helps transform other senior leaders by integrating the wisdom from his personal experience with his professional knowledge to create a unique coaching experience. His coaching approach is designed to engage leaders in understanding how the merging of the personal and professional self is the only way leaders can become completely authentic, and discover their own “leadership truth.” David’s methodology also teaches that a leader’s holistic view of self is directly reflected in their view of the world, which defines their ability to connect with others and drive both personal and business performance.

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