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Books by CSM Daniel L. Pinion

  • Chop that Sh*t Up!: Leadership and Life Lessons Learned While in the Military

    Chop that Sh*t Up! is a collection of stories by a military veteran with deployments ranging from Bosnia-Herzegovina to tours in Iraq. Follow along his twenty-eight-year career from private to command sergeant major, and learn how a young, gullible private became a battle-hardened soldier to an emotionally broken leader on his journey back to civilian life. Whether you served, are thinking about serving, or know or care about someone who has served, this book will make you laugh, cry, or both. A true warrior and backbone of the Army, CSM (R) Pinion shares the highs and lows of his life serving our country in this soul-sharing book about him and his men.

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Command Sergeant Major (R) Daniel L. Pinion is a military veteran of the Cold War, Operation Joint Endeavor (Bosnia-Herzegovina), a short stint in Afghanistan, and multiple tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served in numerous infantry, armor, and cavalry leadership positions, including division reconnaissance, armor and infantry battalions, and cavalry squadrons. CSM (R) Pinion led in combat in every noncommissioned officer rank from sergeant to sergeant major during his twenty-eight-year career. Born in Ohio, raised in Andover, New Jersey, CSM (R) Pinion now calls Virginia home while serving as a deputy G-3/5/7 as a Department of the Army civilian. Welcome to military life!

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