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Books by Chuck Newhall

  • Brightside Gardens

    Imagine the solitude of Adirondack’s Glen, stopping awhile at the River Styx, or strolling along the Obelisk Walk. Relax in the intimacy of Pug’s Den, explore the beauty of the Secret Garden or perch atop Ariadne’s Throne. From the symmetry of Undine’s Garden to the majestic view from Brant’s Balustrade, every one of the 54 gardens of Amy and Charles Newhall tells a unique and poignant story. A feast for the eye. A dialogue between the head and the heart. ELYSIUM – Gardens are the still waters of our lives. The only certainty about a garden is that it changes each day. Gardens are creatures that have their own lives. Brightside is our dance to the music of time played out amid the shadows of great oak trees, where the sun and trees create a kaleidoscope of dappled light and shadows. Emblem books, developed in the Renaissance, illustrated and told stories that taught life lessons. Our gardens are the emblem book of our lives. The fire of light ignites, glows in crimson flames, smolders as golden embers, and lies mute as gray ashes.—Brightside Gardens

    The form and shape of Brightside Gardens began as a reflection of the colors and patterns within the Newhall home, and the classical and neoclassical references appear throughout the gardens. The narrative that accompanies this brilliant collection of over 250 images of plants, trees, statuary, water, and stone helps to elevate our understanding of human nature through the stories these gardens tell.

    Self published by,
    Chuck Newhall

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