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Books by Christopher W. Naughton

  • America’s Next Great Awakening

    Is America’s historic polarization ultimately a spiritual crisis? Is the solution America’s Next Great Awakening? If America is to realize its sacred purpose-unity in diversity-an inner awakening that spans belief systems and religions (including atheism), transcends ideologies, and honors scientific realities must emerge.   America’s Next Great Awakening tells fascinating stories from within the American soul-stories from our past, our myths, and our optimal futures, charting our way to resolving our current crises, preserving the American republic, and evolving into something more, towards a “more perfect union.”   History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Can America, once again, fulfill its mission as the global leader in conscious awareness, enlightenment, invention, and moral leadership?

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Christopher Naughton is a former prosecutor, civil litigation attorney, and multiple Emmy Award-winning host and executive producer of the constitutionally-based The American Law Journal. He has hosted New World Radio, addressing comparative belief systems. He writes on the intersection of history, law, and spirituality for Medium and Substack magazines and lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with Valerie, his beloved partner of over twenty years.