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Books by Charles E. Watson

  • Frontline Management Excellence: Practical Methods That Produce Remarkable Results

    Without top-notch supervision, a business can become hobbled by confusion, halfhearted enthusiasm, and second-rate results. Effective frontline managers are the vital link between ideas and results, between what’s planned and what’s produced. They inspire the best attitudes and efforts from others.


    In Frontline Management Excellence: Practical Methods That Produce Remarkable Results, Charles Watson wastes no time getting to the key elements of effective, frontline management. Avoiding abstract theories, he recounts incidents from the work lives of successful supervisors and managers, showing how they thought and what they did-and the results that followed. This short, highly readable resource opens a window to the mindsets and methods of highly effective managers.

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Charles E. Watson, PhD, professor emeritus of management, Miami University, is the author of eight books on management, including the best-selling classic Management Development Through Training. He taught at the University of Illinois and held professorships at Temple, Miami, and Deakin University (Australia). Dr. Watson has extensive experience designing and conducting seminars for supervisory, middle, and top management personnel for numerous businesses and organizations. He has appeared on radio talk shows and has penned op-ed pieces for newspapers, newsletters, and magazines.