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Books by Cathy Carroll

  • Hug of War: How to Lead a Family Business with both Love and Logic

    Should you fire your deadweight brother-in-law or comply with your mom’s pleas to give him a raise? Should you pay all your kids the same, based on the market, or based on how many of your grandkids they raise? These are the questions family business leaders confront due to the opposing expectations of the family and the business.


    Hug of War offers a new path forward. When the competing impulses of the family mindset and the business mindset are embraced as a polarity, leaders transcend either-or thinking and craft better solutions that embrace the best of both mindsets.

    With stories that take you into the hearts and heads of real-life family business leaders, Hug of War offers a bridge to greater harmony in your family, greater clarity in your mind, and greater peace in your heart.

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Cathy Carroll is the granddaughter of an entrepreneur who led a Fortune 500 company and the daughter of an entrepreneur. Following a twenty-year corporate career, she led a turnaround of her father's manufacturing business and encountered the distinctions between leadership in a corporate domain and leadership in a family business.In addition to an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BA from Boston College, Cathy earned her certificates in leadership coaching and executive facilitation at Georgetown University. She maintains a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential through the International Coaching Federation. She founded Legacy Onward, Inc. to support family business leaders through the complexities of family business leadership.

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