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Books by Cassidy Greenberg

  • The Atlantean Constellation

    One might think that Cassiopeia, as an Atlantean goddess, was raised in a world of perfection and nobility, but that is far from the truth. She has a unique gift: she can kill other gods with ease, and without repercussion. Though her father attempts to control her and take full advantage of her gifts in his war games, her power is beyond even his primordial understanding. Now, struggling to reconcile her own desires as a goddess of justice with the desires of those around her, she must discover who she is destined to become.


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Cassidy Greenberg is an author who is actively serving in the United States Navy as a nuclear operator. With many writers in her family, her interest in the craft came as no surprise. Throughout her childhood she also had a passion for ancient mythologies, and she has now combined those passions into something for everyone to enjoy. She, her husband, and her daughter currently live in Norfolk, Virginia, where she is stationed on the USS George Washington aircraft carrier.