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Books by Calvin Anthony Lang

  • The Traveling Sex Game

    Sarah took off her ribbons and put them on the table. “It’s all about these babies.”

    “The ribbons?” I asked. “What do you mean it’s all about the ribbons?”

    When cub reporter Calvin Anthony Lang uncovers The Traveling Sex Game, a titillating adventure with thousands of participants around the globe, he’s positive the story is about to go viral. After convincing his editor, Calvin delves deeper into the erotic underground world, where he becomes entangled in a web of questions and curiosity. Why ribbons? What do the colors mean, and how do you spot the other players? Who gets invited to play? When the game becomes reality, Calvin must decide whether he will resist temptationor will he too succumb to the siren song of The Traveling Sex Game?


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Calvin Anthony Lang started out with the best intentions of writing a series of articles on this sex game, which many people around the country seem to be playing, even overseas. He hoped it would be his first commissioned exposé, but instead, he followed some unusual leads into a story much bigger than an article. Big enough for a book. This is the result of his discovery. Calvin lives in the Pacific Northwest, where he spends a lot of time on the water, whale-watching in particular—a passion of his. He does this whenever he’s not searching for ribbons.

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