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Books by Brittany Raschdorf

  • The Hypnotist’s Daughter

    IN THE MOVIE INDUSTRY, you don’t get something for nothing. The beauty and splendor of a Hollywood lifestyle can’t hide the ugly that evil leaves behind. Prosperity Baxter has been hypnotized to forget her past. When scenes from her lead role in a horror film dredge up those memories, secrets begin to surface. Lies, cover-ups and an unthinkable initiation all leave Peri desperate for one thing: revenge.


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Growing up, Brittany Raschdorf was always tethered to a book, only putting them down occasionally to play in the mud or roughhouse with her brother. She knew deep down she had a passion for words. The way the black jumped off the white and landed in her soul told her she would always love books – she would always read books. It was the creativity that called to her. Brittany has a creative drive and a propensity for research and discovery. If she isn’t creating art with her hands, she isn’t living up to her full potential. She tried cosmetology, painting houses, and restoring furniture. She even created organization out of chaos as a housekeeper. It wasn’t until she began to write that she truly came alive. And it wasn’t until she became a mother that she realized she had a story to tell.

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