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Books by Brenda K. Massman

  • Yet, Here We Are

    It is 1948. Feeling trapped within her farm-life existence as a young wife and mother, Elizabeth harbors a fervent desire to escape to the city of Chicago for a brief respite. While there, she is met with both profound love and devastating loss—experiences that will haunt her for years to come.


    It is 1975. An unexpected visitor from Elizabeth’s past in Chicago upends her quiet life. Meanwhile, one of her daughters finds herself unwittingly caught up in the counterculture battle for control over the emerging Twin Cities’ food co-op community, and the other begins to experience mysterious visions. Together, their search for conclusions leads to astonishing discoveries that will impact the entire family.


    Yet, Here We Are weaves together the threads of how forbidden love and poignant loss shape the life of one woman with the tale of a tumultuous time in our history that changed the course of food co-ops as we know them today.

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Brenda K. Massman is a debut author and former award-winning magazine editor/writer with Adams Publishing Group. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in English from the University of Illinois and held a career in the publishing industry for several years before moving into the realm of finance. Much of her free time is spent writing stories about female protagonists set in the mid-1900s, reading across genres, and being outdoors at any opportunity. Brenda resides in southeast Minnesota, where she raised her three children and now lives with her husband, Theodore.

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