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Books by Bill Sheehan

  • A Tail Among Tales

    The stories in this anthology will keep you wondering until the very last paragraph. If you think you have the plot figured out early in the story, take caution; you may be pleasantly surprised in the end.

    The author’s notes at the end of the stories relate the stories to the real events from which they were created. Keep in mind the words of Phaedrus: “Things are not always what they seem.”

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A filmmaker since 1978 when he joined the crew of Michael Landon in Hollywood, Bill Sheehan has worked as a camera assistant, camera operator, and cinematographer on TV series, movies of the week, music videos, and feature films. He has also worked as a theatrical lighting designer, a pyrotechnic designer, and a production manager; and in local television, he has served as a commercial production manager, avid editor, and a promotions director. At the university level, he has served as a production manager, a filmmaker, and an audio/visual director for the Ohio State University, UCLA, Columbia University, and Harvard University. He wrote his first teleplay in 1981 for Father Murphy, a TV series, and published his first book in 2005, The Tale of Sonny Barlow. Currently he is writing young adult historical fiction and screenplays. Bill lives in New York City.