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Books by Benjamin R. Warner

  • 20-Year Letter: An Afghanistan Chronicle

    A few short months removed from the events of 9/11, LT Warner is a young reserve officer with a burning desire to serve. Presented with the opportunity to do so in the new Global War on Terror, he jumps into his new assignment full blast, oozing with patriotism, a lot of cockiness, and not much of a plan. But soon enough he finds that his new normal will be clouded with uncertainty. New soldiers, new leadership, and a new geographic location are just the tip of the iceberg.

    As the rear cargo door of the plane lowers to reveal a pitch-black Afghanistan night, the young leader encounters his first real challenge: simply leading the team off the airplane-over an airfield riddled with landmines. From there, 20-Year Letter follows LT Warner throughout the entire undertaking, chronicling the bad, the terrifying, the stressful, and even a little bit of the good. His tale is a comprehensive perspective of everything that isn’t glamorous about war.


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Ben Warner is an experienced military veteran with over twenty years of service in all facets of the US Army. 20 Year Letter: an Afghanistan Chronicle is his debut literary work, and its genesis was nearly two years in the making. The original intent of this collection of short stories was to leave a legacy for his growing family, but it soon morphed into something more. Ben is in the final assignment of his military career, serving as a command and General Staff College instructor, where he instructs, mentors, and develops the next generation of US Army field-grade officers.