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Books by Benita Adams

  • Reinvent Your Life in the Second Act

    Are you a woman struggling with transitioning into her Second Act? Are you unsure about what’s next in your journey? If so, Reinvent Your Life in the Second Act: A Guide for Women Who Dare to Achieve Their Dreams will help you master this new life phase. Author Benita Adams has devised a R.E.S.E.T. plan that will put you on the path to becoming your authentic self through Reinvention, Education, Self-Discovery, Engagement, and Transformation.

    Adams knows well the lessons she imparts. After she was fired from her traffic-reporting job for an ABC-TV affiliate, she knew it was time to get real about “doing” her Second Act right. In Reinvent Your Life, she shares her own life lessons as she helps you navigate this exciting time of change. Enjoy her words of encouragement, ponder her detailed R.E.S.E.T. lessons, and rise to the challenge of completing the activities she lays out in what she calls your R.E.S.E.T. Journal. Reinvent Your Life is a tool and a resource to help you successfully transition into your own Second Act.

    Are you an empty-nester, starting over in a new relationship, going back to school after many years, changing jobs, or thinking about starting a business? Then you are a woman in transition. Adams shows you that if you want to have a more satisfying life, then the time to start is now.


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TV- and radio-show personality Benita Adams has worked in media and communications for nearly thirty years and hosts the TV program The Second Act with Benita Adams, which gives women forty and older the tools to reinvent and transform themselves “to make the rest of your life the best of your life.” Adams has also taught at universities and colleges as a professor of broadcast, communications and English, and worked as a fashion model, professional voiceover artist, and talent for radio and TV commercials. She is a winner of the SunTrust Bank and Still Hope Foundation Entrepreneurial Excellence Award and The Southeastern Virginia Arts Award for Women in the Arts. Adams, a military mom who dotes on her adult children, has lived in Hampton Roads, Virginia, for more than two decades.

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