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Books by Ben LeBoutillier

  • Practical Advice for a Better World: A Collection of Solutions for Streamlining Societal Infrastructure

    To his divided countrymen and a tumultuous world, Thomas Paine offered Common Sense to great effect. For our contemporary discord, however, we need Practical Advice. Here we find more than a dozen groundbreaking yet realistic proposals for creating an efficient, versatile, and wholesome society we can all rally around.


    Practical Advice for a Better World is not about politics, government, or partisan attitudes; it is a bid to consider new ideas arising from timeless principles. Each chapter considers a facet of societal infrastructure, reviews its purpose, analyzes its current design, and recommends an agreeable refactorization unlike any rote offering. Every solution is derived with purposeful intention to reach each reader—regardless of age, race, gender, education, origin, walk of life, or preconceptions—and encourage that person to dream that a better world is tangible.

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Ben “LeBoot” LeBoutillier’s writings confront ambitious topics and challenge his audiences to grow at every encounter. His background in physics, medicine, education, and information have placed him in a unique intersection of some of the modern world’s biggest institutions, and positioned him to explore the requirements for meaningful change. In his current profession, Ben combines several data and programming disciplines to safely manage healthcare information for caretakers and researchers. He additionally hosts Stories of Symmetry to explore the meta themes and deeper meanings behind Christian faith.

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