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Books by Becky Frederick

  • Gone Again

    “This book is exactly what parents should share with the children to help with separation anxiety.”

    —Leon Coe, City Commissioner


    Gone Again is designed to help children of first responders and military families deal with the departure of a parent who works long hours or is deployed. The book promotes resilience and recognition of support systems, and helps children maintain their normal routine while a parent is fulfilling a duty to defend, protect or serve.

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Becky Frederick is a military veteran who served in locations around the globe as an aerospace medical technician and paramedic. Her time in service has afforded her several extraordinary opportunities, such as being a part of a medical team during a NASA launch and even being awarded Paramedic of the Year by the governor of Guam in 2016. Currently, Becky lives in San Antonio, a.k.a. Military City, USA, with her family. She is working on her PhD in health sciences and spends her spare time writing books to share her military and veteran experiences with families who are experiencing some of the changes and difficulties that her family has overcome together.