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Books by Arnold B. Meshkov

  • Chasing the Widowmaker: The History of the Heart Attack Pandemic

    Chasing the Widowmaker: The History of the Heart Attack Pandemic traces the intricate and fascinating history of how a disease that has claimed the lives of millions over the millennia has, over the short span of the last six decades, become a problem that can be diagnosed, treated, and prevented. So many have been affected by the scourge of atherosclerosis, the precursor of the heart attack. In Chasing the Widowmaker, Arnold B. Meshkov, MD, explains the fundamental scientific foundations for treating the number one killer in the world.


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Arnold B. Meshkov, MD, has been obsessed with the human heart his entire life, always wanting to save lives. A proud graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, he trained at Temple University and Yale University to become a cardiologist and taught several generations of medical students first the science and then the art of medicine. After forty years as a cardiologist, he wants to share the history of his profession with others in order to empower them. He has written scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and lectured extensively, but this is his first book.