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Books by Andy Chaleff

  • The Wounded Healer: A Journey in Radical Self-Love

    Do you accept and love yourself-fully and completely, with no judgment, holding nothing back? What blocks you from doing so? How would you experience life differently if you were able to do so?


    The Wounded Healer is one man’s journey to answer these questions. After his first book, The Last Letter, Andy Chaleff took a leap of faith. He dropped everything and drove alone for three months coast-to-coast across the US. In dozens of sessions, he asked people the same question: If you knew someone in your life would die tomorrow and you had one last chance to express feelings to him or her, what would you say?

    You are now Andy’s travel companion. See your own struggle with self-acceptance reflected in his as he confronts his deepest fears, demons, and critical inner voice. As he breaks through inner blocks and learns to love himself, find your pathway to the same acceptance. With humility and vulnerability, Andy invites you to embark on your own journey to find liberation through the power of radical self-love.


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  • The Last Letter: Embracing Pain to Create a Meaningful Life

    The Last Letter is a thirty-year journey to make peace with the past. Andy was born into a family with a loving mother and a violent father. His mother was his rock, his safe place, the person he cherished most. Soon after he graduated high school, she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Plunged into a deep depression, he spent the next two decades running away from his pain. Eventually, his pain caught up with him. He was forced to confront it once and for all. What he discovered in his healing process is that suffering can be a profound source of guidance and comfort. For much of his life, sadness sabotaged and crippled him. But he learned to transform it into vulnerability and then action. With piercing clarity and refreshing honesty, Andy shares his story to inspire readers to embrace pain and surrender to reality as it is, with all the healing, love, happiness, peace, and freedom that brings.


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Andy Chaleff (1970-Present) is an American author born in Burbank, California. In 1990, Chaleff left the U.S. to escape the pain of his mother's death, who was killed by a drunk driver when he was 18-years-old. In 2018 Chaleff came out with his first book, "The Last Letter," which won several awards and was noted by Kirkus Reviews: "It's rare that a book succeeds at relating such an intimate, personal story while also clearly discussing psychological topics, such as projection, self-destruction, addiction, self-acceptance, and vulnerability." In his book, he chronicles his journey of healing after his mother's death and invites readers to write a "last letter" to someone special in their lives. The book gets its name from a letter that Chaleff wrote his mother that she received hours before her death. The book and his subsequent 3-month tour of the U.S. was covered widely in the news and media. In 2020, Chaleff released "The Wounded Healer," which is the story of his 3-month journey through the U.S. with a specific focus on uncovering radical self love. In this book he asks people to name the thing that is hardest to say and follow it with the stem "...and it's fu*king great!" He pays special attention to archetypes that are easy to relate with, from the perfectionist to the victimised. Chaleff is currently the Director of the Amsterdam's Welvaren training center and mentor and advisor to several non-profits, paying special attention to education and parenting. To learn more, visit www.andychaleff.com.