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Books by Andrew D. Welch

  • Field Blends

    “We three laughed together and spoke of wine and politics and sex and love and Europe and America and the world turned upside down.”

    Field Blends is a story of the world as it is today, contemplating the intersection of modernity, technology, culture, and the people, pasts, and communities that give each of us roots. In socially and civically trying times, Field Blends follows an odd group of twenty and thirty-somethings from around the world as they meander through Europe, dropping in and out of one another’s journeys, before returning to New York only to be faced with heartbreak that none of them expected.

    Against the backdrop of an ever-changing world, Field Blends seeks reconciliation of life amongst the monuments, hideaways, and progressive thought of great American and European cities with the memories of hometowns, mother countries, and family. It is both joyful of the world’s beauties and melancholy of its present failures.


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Andrew Welch is a Swedish-American writer, international speaker, and expert in the field of Microsoft business applications technology. Born in Arlington, Virginia, he spent ten years growing up in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, before graduating from the College of William and Mary. In the years since he has provided software expertise to Fortune 500 organizations, served in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, and worked and written in the wine industry. A self-described "Bosnywashingtonian," he considers his family home in Provincetown, Massachusetts, to be his hometown, and spends considerable time each year in London, Stockholm, and Madrid.