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Books by Alisse Lee Goldenberg

  • Lucky At Bat

    Lucky At Bat follows the story of a young boy named Jack and his two rescue rats-Lucky and Gus-Gus. When Jack discovers that Lucky has a talent for baseball, the little rat becomes the mascot and secret batting coach for Jack’s Little League team. Unfortunately, a rival team considers Lucky’s presence “cheating,” and tensions rise, resulting in a terrible accident. Lucky and Jack wonder if maybe a ballpark is no place for a rat.

    Now it’s up to Jack’s teammates and Gus-Gus to show both Lucky and Jack that they are special and important, and they should not give up on their dreams, no matter how big those dreams may be.

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Alisse Lee Goldenberg is an award-winning author of children's literature, horror, and young adult paranormal romance and fantasy fiction. She is currently working on four series: The Sitnalta Series, The Children of Colonodona, The Dybbuk Scrolls, and The Bath Salts Journals (co-authored with An Tran). She has her bachelor of education, a fine arts degree, and has studied fantasy and folklore since she was a child. Alisse is also a screenwriter and playwright, creating the world of Jay & Shilo. She is currently living in Toronto with her husband, Brian, and their triplets, Joseph, Phillip, and Hailey.