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Books by Alan Wright

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    Ghosts are real, and Rojana Bensen, an American college student, believes they’re dangerous, too. Her professor, paranormal researcher Dr. Elmir, insists they are harmless. Not too far away, in the town of Milton, a mass sighting leaves several factory workers dead, giving Rojana and Dr. Elmir a perfect opportunity to uncover the truth.

    Follow Rojana on her investigation into the nature of this sudden surge of hauntings. As she forms new relationships, inadvertently makes herself a target, and awakens the ability to peer beyond life, she learns more and more about exactly what ghosts are. But there is a price to pay for traveling between this world and the next.

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Alan is an award-winning college instructor with graduate degrees in psychology and education. As an undergrad, he studied fiction writing. He has an interest in the mental prisons people create within themselves.

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