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Books by Adam J. Thompson

  • Hard to Keep Happy: How to Maintain Lasting Joy in Challenging Times

    Hard to Keep Happy serves as a comprehensive personal guide for achieving holistic well-being, including physical, mental, and emotional health, financial stability, and fulfilling relationships that lead to genuine happiness. The book commences by highlighting the importance of physical health through a focus on diet and exercise. It then delves into the criticality of financial security, providing readers with practical advice on managing their money and making prudent investments. Finally, the book emphasizes the significance of building meaningful relationships with family, friends, and partners for a fulfilling life.

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Adam J. Thompson, a US Air Force veteran, is driven by his enthusiasm for personal development. With roots in northern Maine, he spent two decades in the Air Force as a C-130 flight engineer and first sergeant. He holds a bachelor’s degree in strategic studies from Norwich University and a master’s in project management from Southern New Hampshire University. Today, Adam resides in northwest Florida with his wife and children, serving his community while also sharing his insights on enhancing human happiness through his writing.

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