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Wally Jones’ Sam the Chosen has been named the Grand Prize Gold Award Fiction Winner in the 2021-2022 Reader Views Literary Awards! The Reader Views Literary Awards program helps level the playing field for self-published authors, allowing readers to recognize the most creative and exciting new books in the industry. Their awards program is recognized industry-wide as one of the most respected literary awards programs for independent authors. On behalf of Koehler Books, we would like to congratulate Wally on his wonderful achievement.


The attacks changed everything. Life would never be the same.

So much carnage, and yet the enemy was never seen. Not even once. The truth is, humanity had no chance. You can’t fight what you can’t see.

Sam tries to return to a normal life after the attacks end, but constant reminders and paranoia feed the need for protection at all times. The desire to run, that internal voice triggering the urgency to escape this harsh world, is very real. Now an ill-fated camping trip will show Samantha just how deep the peril goes. Swept up in a new reality, she gains a deeper understanding of the way the world operates. For Sam, there is no returning to her old life. Sam is now Chosen.

Follow Samantha as she weaves a wild path around a mystery and a budding romance-and as the prophecy of an ancient race becomes solid truth.


Wally Jones is a first-time author. He is also fully dyslexic. It wasn’t until his late twenties, and after dozens of tests for physical disabilities and learning disorders, that it was discovered he was missing the fundamental ability to encode and decode word phonics. Reading and writing simply wasn’t possible for him. He subsequently spent many years building a comprehensive Sight Vocabulary and is now considered to be fully compensated. However, dyslexia still causes him many problems. Though he continues to struggle with reading and writing, Sam the Chosen serves as testament that all challenges can be overcome.


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