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Eleven-year-old Olivia Thomas longs for a dog of her own, but her reluctant parents don’t think that she is responsible enough. When she hears about an abandoned dog with a litter of puppies in the forest, she and her friend April, along with their new tech-savvy friend, Quinn, leap into action.

Teaming up with local volunteer animal rescue Rescue Ur Furever Friend, they work on a plan. Olivia is determined to see the project through, but she’ll have to focus and rally lots of people to help. And they may not succeed. Is she prepared to fail? And if she’s successful, will her parents see that she is ready to take care of a puppy?

Through teamwork, family, and community, Olivia learns that anything important is worth the effort.



“Rhapsodic and sensuous.” “Savage and tender.” Blood to Rubies is the scorching saga of injustice, love, and redemption in the western wilderness. A young frontier photographer goes West to escape the Civil War draft and settles in the Bitterroot Mountains, ancestral home of the Nez Perce Indians. There he becomes obsessed with a young Irish pioneer woman he spies swimming nude in a mountain lake. He comes to admire the Nez Perce and photographs the young leader, Chief Joseph, and a Nez Perce woman warrior (based on a real historical person). Their stories tangle in a ruthless convergence of fates. As he chronicles Chief Joseph’s desperate struggle to save his people and their harrowing 1,500-mile exodus to the Canadian border—the medicine line—to join Sitting Bull in freedom, he feels complicit in their demise.


Blood to Rubies has already garnered early praise from New York Times bestselling authors, calling the book “brilliant,” “heartbreakingly beautiful,” “unforgettable,” and “a riveting debut.”





Doctor Akel Rose is a genius, but he feels like he’s already learned everything. Subjects that once interested him have become dull, and all the doctor wants is for life to have color again. After discovering a dusty old Bible in his driveway, the doctor’s fascination with theworld is rekindled. And when otherworldly spirits contact the doctor, his passion for power is ignited, and his thirst for knowledge becomes unquenchable. Finding a new interest in sorcery, a demon that keeps him on his toes, and intentions of creating a world free of evil, the doctor sets off on a mission with his newfound power-but will it be enough?

The Theatrical Tragedy will take you headlong into a new fight between right and wrong and the consequences of choices as it traces the rise and fall of a man who claimed to be a god on a quest that questions the morality of human virtue and the ideology of justice.





The war in Afghanistan impacted Americans in profound ways, yet only a small percentage of Americans know what it’s like to be there, fight there, come home from there, and then live the rest of their lives wondering if their service made a difference.


This Troubled Ground goes there-to the cold, dark, and heartbreaking tarmac at Dover Air Force Base, to the Kabul newsrooms, to briefing rooms, and to the deadly battlefields in their many forms across Afghanistan. Inspired by true events, this book follows a haunting, sometimes uplifting but ultimately tragic journey into war through the eyes of an Air Force officer searching for meaning as his path intersects with a mother’s desperate quest to find hope after her son is killed serving with the US Marines in Afghanistan.



Ghosts are real, and Rojana Bensen, an American college student, believes they’re dangerous, too. Her professor, paranormal researcher Dr. Elmir, insists they are harmless. Not too far away, in the town of Milton, a mass sighting leaves several factory workers dead, giving Rojana and Dr. Elmir a perfect opportunity to uncover the truth.

Follow Rojana on her investigation into the nature of this sudden surge of hauntings. As she forms new relationships, inadvertently makes herself a target, and awakens the ability to peer beyond life, she learns more and more about exactly what ghosts are. But there is a price to pay for traveling between this world and the next.




Imagine that you are an eighteen-year-old Black man growing up in the Jim Crow South of the 1940s. You have maybe a seventh-grade education, and you enlist in the Army, where you become trained to operate and fight from a new Sherman battle tank. But many in the Army do not want to fight alongside you.


Only reluctantly did the Army send its African American tank battalion and other segregated Black battalions to serve in WWII under General George Patton. Chronicling four diverse, segregated African American Army units in General Patton’s Third Army from D-Day to the end of WWII, Battling While Black (the military version of “driving while Black”) reveals the discrimination Black soldiers experienced during the war and exposes another view of General Patton’s personality not widely known.




The baseball diamond provides Theodore Cobb Hunter his only true sanctuary. Positioned to cash in on a record-breaking free-agent contract and driven to rescue the game from its tainted past, he’s got money, fame, looks, and the girl of his dreams. However, episodes of insomnia and strange visitations throw his life into turmoil; forced to navigate between the real and the conjured, the rising superstar is faced with a dilemma. Can one man satisfy the expectations of past legends? Or will his unrelenting burden drive him to the brink as his ghostly visitors unveil their true purpose?


Immortal is an engrossing tale of a premier athlete asked to be so much more than a sports hero. The game and the country’s immutable traditions run in harmony, and one man just might be responsible for saving both.




Sometimes, uprooting the thorn-filled past is the only way we bloom. . .

Tessa Lewis is set to embark on a Big-Time Career and marry Toronto’s fastest-rising lawyer, who loves her to pieces. But when a visit to a flower market from her childhood sparks memories of the mother she lost too soon, Tessa puts her bright future on hold to work there, determined to come to terms with her past.

At the Blue Iris Flower Market, everything is blossoming except the rag-tag crew, each hiding deep scars of their own. When Sam, the beloved but troubled man in charge, takes off and leaves the market reeling, Tessa and her unlikely new friends come face-to-face with their most uncomfortable truths, uprooting lives carefully cultivated—and just maybe, unearthing everything they’ve ever wanted.

Told from multiple perspectives, The Blue Iris is an intricately woven exploration of love tested beyond its limits, chosen family, and the beauty that grows in letting go.