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What If You Tried This At Work?

by Mark E. Haskins

Current and aspiring managers seeking to adopt a more relational management approach will turn to WHAT IF YOU TRIED THIS AT WORK? for a facilitated inquiry that presents a new kind of “how” for expanding and enhancing their interpersonal management capabilities and thus the positive impact on their teams and organizations. In today’s workplace, managers’ time is tight and transactional imperatives abound. A relational mindset seems impossible. But Professor Mark Haskins shows how through thirty-six short, compelling, stand-alone stories and sound wisdom based on forty years of involvement with managers from all levels and from all types of organizations. Managers eager to raise their MQp—management quotient for people—can begin to imagine and pursue a personal blueprint from these stories that allow for flexibility, personalization, and exploration as they “try this at work.” Each of the book’s vignettes focuses on a relational management concept followed by a series of questions, using the RISE format (Reflect, Identify, Share, and Evaluate) to prompt and guide personalized focus for action. The effort devoted to each vignette and its related RISE queries is amenable to readers’ different priorities, interests, and schedules. Relational management becomes a habit when managers are encouraged to be open to the possibilities resident in asking the question: “What if I tried this at work?” And so, the transformation begins.

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