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The Salty Swan

by Katrina Mackrides

Lily had no idea of the life-changing choices she would face when she headed off to college, 1,500 miles from home. The day she met Kai in the forest near campus, her life changed forever. Kai, a proud native of the Adirondacks, had lost his lust for life. The town he lived in was in turmoil. Kai blames himself for most of the unrest and he is ashamed to share his dark secret with Lily. When he tells her “nothing could keep me away,” he is lying. Kai is faced with the choice of revealing his secret to Lily, where he may lose her forever, or worse. Lily’s whole world is turned upside-down when she uncovers his secret and the evil behind it. She is faced with the biggest choice of her life, fight or flight.

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